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The COSMOIMPIANTI making montages, mechanical repairs and maintenance is extraordinary even at ordinary mechanized carparks.
We have cars with light equipment, platforms, hoists, compressors, generators that can operate in full compliance with the Law 81/2008.
We create and develop mechanical drawings and 2D and 3D structure using our internal technical Office.
In the workshop as well as perform custom and custom systems with internal design, we also design to carpentry we even mechanical details.

Among the machines present in the company listed below, we also have mig welders, Arc Welders, tig, pulsed spot welders, MMA Welders and a rotating automated plan for welding.


Technical Office

3DWith 3D design

 KTR punching machine with several punches, metal drilling up to 12 mm.

Romec shear cutting length 3100 max 12 mm thickness.

Calandra Ducci 2100 sheet maximum width 12 mm thickness.

High-Definition Plasma with Hypertherm generator for tagliodi up to 40 mm thickness

for both ferrous and stainless steel.

We are also prepared for cutting aluminium and brass.

 4100 x 330 bar bender with control esa.

With lathe visualizer.

With cutter visualizer

Hacksaws manual and automatic tape

Calenders for thin coils

Collumn drilling

Notching machine pours

1500 x 60 bar bender to high angle

Machine column

300 bar press

Ercolina Benders for tubes